SpaceX and Starlink
SpaceX and Starlink

Sky is boundless, so do Elon Musk. For him nothing is a barrier between him and his dreams. He has turned to revolutionizing the aerospace industry and internet networking, hence creating his Own Space.

“SpaceX was built with the belief that the future where people explore the stars is more exciting than a place we don’t have.” – Elon Musk. It is beautifully explained that SpaceX holds a new way to see Space and is a remarkable choice for the Youth.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) is a satellite manufacturing Spaceflight Company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. It is a space transportation service provider at reasonable costs. Working together with NASA to send satellites, supplies and astronauts to International Space Stations, it has become a world-class space for those who are ready to climb high mountains with hard work and smart talents.

One of the key essences of SpaceX is use of reusable rocket launchers. In 2021, 31 liftoffs were reported out of which 29 were reused rockets. World’s first ever orbital class reusable rocket is Falcon 9 which is manufactured and launched by SpaceX. Falcon 9 aimed at transportation of people over the earth’s orbit safely. Therefore, till date 157 successful rocket launches have been done from the Falcon 9 family. One rocket failed due to partial failure and the other one was a spacecraft loss.

It has made many records with a recently set new World Record by launching 143 satellites on a single rocket. SpaceX is all set for the upcoming launch of NILESAT 301 on 8th June 2022.

Live webcast of the launch with fist stage separation and second stage separation have been arranged.

Starlink , also known as Satellite Internet Constellation, is a division of SpaceX over 6 years . The project aims to provide the High speed internet round the globe to its customers. It will also aim to lead Internet mobility in remote areas at minimal cost. Starlink uses laser technology to make their satellites since the laser travels at light speed thus allowing an immense effective communication process, leaving behind the traditional satellites and designs.

In three years it has launched over a 1000 satellites into orbit. Till February 2021 , 1300 successful satellites had been launched . It is widely used around the world by people to have accessible educational, health and communication support.

Elon Musk said that around 10000 people are using Starlink. It is promising to provide efficient internet speed to remote and untouched areas. It can be deployed in a blink of an eye to help in emergencies and disaster situations.

In a report it was discovered that Elon Musk owns one third of the all active satellites in space. This shows that he has no plans to scale down the sky he’s flying into. He defies the odds of most perceptions and limitations and accomplishes everything he wants without limiting his educational fields covering each and every opportunity with complete potential.


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