Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

If you send email , edit documents, watch mobiles and TV, play games and listen to movies and store files , all these things are done under cloud computing. A small start-up to big and established agencies everyone is using cloud computing. Whenever we store a file in our phones and laptops we save them in a folder. This is done offline.

On changing the phones or systems these files are lost. This problem is solved by cloud computing. Cloud computing services are used to store data.  Cloud computing is delivery of computing services which includes database, networking, software, analytics and intelligence. These services are made available through internet only.

One can access their files and folders online anywhere, anytime and from any device with internet support system. Google drive provides this service for free. Use of cloud computing is easy, secure and economical. It can be interpreted as a model which manages, store and processes data with the help of internet.

Suppose you want to access a file and your laptop is not with you. You can easily access that file through cloud computing if that file is stored online. Therefore cloud computing makes things convenient for people to access their data flexibly. Some of the known and widely used cloud computing services are:-

  • Google drive
  • Facebbook
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Picasa
  • Flickr
  • Hubspot
  • Sales force
  • Adove marketing cloud
  • Google docs
  • Amazon web services
  • Slide rocket
  • IBM cloud

There are different types of cloud computing based on the type of data stored, nature of the company and other specifications. There are four types of cloud computing:-

  • Private cloud computing- recommended for a single organisation and businesses with strict regulations and requirements.
  • Public cloud computing- recommended for projects with massive amounts of data such as collaboration and software development.
  • Community cloud computing- recommended for organisations of the same nature and field or industry. Suitable for multiple organisations dealing in similar category.
  • Hybrid cloud computing- is a combination of public cloud computing and private cloud computing. It is recommended for businesses with massive data balancing, along with strict norms regarding privacy and regulations.

The world is quickly shifting towards cloud computing because it provides numerous advantages such as:-

  • Cost reduction
  • Mobility
  • Availability
  • Competence
  • High performance
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Business agility

And the list continues. But top five advantages of cloud computing are:-


The companies using cloud computing services are not required to spend money on hardware, software, database, purchase and setup for it. Instead they can run their business smoothly, by using space from the internet and creating their database online, at minimal cost.

The user is required to pay only up to the extent of services he or she uses which makes cloud computing more flexible and budget friendly. This implies users need not to pay extra and for the services they do not use.

Because of its economical feature, individuals are shifting towards this option. Most companies and big agencies are also using cloud computing because it reduces their costs and they simply save their data on internet online without any spacing and storage problem.

This also helps them to reduce errors and mistakes caused by employees and experts.

The information is easily made available in chronological order.


Many companies and agencies are diffidence in using the cloud computing services. They are concerned about their information and data’s safety. Although it is a question too that if companies can access their data online then the hackers can also do the same. And it will lead to huge damages if the data is accessed illegally. But this concern of big companies, agencies and individuals has been eliminated by the cloud computing services.

The cloud computing service providers have only a sole job of securing the data or information stored. They monitor the cloud all day long ensuring security. Unlike traditional in-house system of storing data where internal thefts have become very prominent and is an extensive source of information leakage, cloud computing is free and more secured form of storing information.

Therefore the cloud computing is more secured and safer to store information and database.


The cloud computing provides flexibility to its users by allowing to operate from anywhere. The users need not to sit on the same table and desk and work. Instead the workers can work flexibly whether at home or at office. The data can be accessed from everywhere. The users can easily work easily and effectively with such a flexibility option. It also helps in better functioning of the company and fluency in the workings.


From “knowledge is power” to “data is money” is advancement in the notion. The data and information is the real asset nowadays. Whether buying a cloth or a medicine, details are essentially obtained from the customers and using this information a strong database is made. This database is used for different reasons by the companies and is often sold further to advertising companies.

Therefore, the cloud computing service provider analysts create an overview of the data reserved with them.  They use high end professionals to find the areas of development and provide these insights to the companies. This help in enhanced approach in the business working and prioritized organizational goals.


High performance in simple words implies that when a company stores its data online with the help of cloud computing services, this leads to reduction in security and delegation of services and elimination of services.

Analysts and security technicians need not to focus on the database security, collectively, appropriation or analysing. They can divert themselves and their knowledge and skills to other areas of improvement.

When the database is not in the system’s hardware, company’s accounts, computers and other physical drives, the company’s’ systems are free from such high end and heavy files. This increases the computation enhancement and space in the organization’s systems. Ultimately this leads to high performance of the company.


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