PNR And Its Advantages
Passenger Name Record

The Indian Railways, PNR number refers to the record of names of passengers. It also gives details regarding the trip to the passenger. In addition to the departure and arrival information on the rail, the booking status can be determined through the PNR number.

It is whether the ticket has been confirmed, on the waitlist (WL), or upon cancellation, the status of reservation (RAC) is known. In addition to other details related to coach, seat number, and fare are accessible from PNR. NDTV Search will help you to find out the precise situation of your PNR.

You are issued a PNR number when making reservations on the train. If you purchase an online or window ticket, the PNR number 10 is included in the ticket. Through this, information regarding the current status of your ticket can be found.

Any passenger can check his PNR status through the railway website PNR Checking counters are accessible at all major stations.

What is the meaning of PNR Number?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It’s a 10-digit number. The entire information you need is concealed in this number of digits. The initial three digits of the PNR reveal the location you will be traveling.

What is the full form of the PNR Number?

Understanding the full format of the PNR number, you’ll know why this code was created. The exact version that is PNR refers to “Passenger Name Record” The document that contains the names of passengers. In this case, you can easily see the information contained within the PNR. These PNR codes are generated when you purchase the ticket.

How to check the PNR Number?

You can verify the status of the PNR number online on the site of IRCTC. Additionally, you can also look up PNR numbers through Paytm. You can also find out details about the status of your mobile via SMS. You can also verify the PNR status on the chart of reservations.

Special things related to PNR Number

The first three numbers of the PNR indicates is which PRS (Passenger Reservation System) is created by Chriskey. It is determined by three digits which zone reservation of the passengers was completed.

For instance, CR, WR, and WCR zones fall under Mumbai PRS. Its PNR starts at 8 and 9. If you book a train ticket between Mumbai to Delhi via the Rajdhani Express whose starting station in Mumbai and the destination is Delhi, then PNR will begin at 8.

In the following 7 digits in PNR All the details about the person who is enrolled in the program are concealed. It contains the train’s number, the date of travel and distance, as well as the information of the passengers traveling.

In which class do you plan to travel? Slipper AC 1. AC 2. AC 3. Which is your first and your final station? From which station have booked the reservation? This information is also included.

Passenger Reservation System

How does PNR work?

The Center of Railway Information System (CRIS) is an online database with complete information regarding every passenger. The system generates a 10-digit PNR number for each individual who has purchased an airfare to travel through Indian Railways through IRCTC or any other travel site that is private or ticket booth. IRCTC is the acronym for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

PNR number refers to passenger name record. It’s 10-digit numbers. This number of 10 digits contains all the information about the passenger. It is the most important mode of transportation for our nation, 2 crore people are on it each day. PNR Number is a unique 10-digit code. It’s written in the upper left corner of the ticket.

Benefits of PNR Number

  1. It is a 10 digit record of the name of the passenger. With this 10-digit number, all the information regarding the passenger can be found.
  2. In which class will you travel, which will be the first and last station and the station from which you’ve booked your ticket, this number can also be derived by this number.
  3. Details about transactions are also available at the PNR number.
  4. In keeping with the importance of privacy and security, the details of the PNR number do not have a generalization. IRCTC constantly updates information regarding the PNR Status.
  5. You can track what is happening with your reserved tickets.
  6. You can reserve tickets and cancel tickets, or search trains.


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