Metaverse Game
Metaverse Game

What is a Metaverse?

Metaverse is an immersive virtual reality. It is a platform that lets you explore domains and connect with other users within this virtual world. The Metaverse can be accessed using a head-mounted screen (HMD), like the Oculus Rift technology. It features 3D-generated graphics along with sound effects and other elements that enrich the user’s experience in their world.

When you enter your first field, Metaverse will create a virtual avatar for you, either entered in your settings for your profile or provided by a user who has already accessed the domain is. The avatar you want to use is a representation of you that other users can see when they interact with you in the virtual world.

What is a Metaverse game?

A Metaverse is a form of computer-generated virtual reality that lets users communicates with each other in a simulated environment. Most of the time they are still in development, however, some games can be considered Metaverse-based games.

Unlike regular games, these take players into a different world and let you play at your own pace. You can also advertise your business in these vast expanses. Gaming firms are in a race to build the components and pieces that will eventually become part of the Metaverse, an eternal, shared virtual network that is an extension of reality.

The race for the game industry is completely logical. It is finally possible that any VR game could be an element of the Metaverse shortly. Most importantly, all games are connected to allow players to seamlessly transition from one to the other and maintain a uniform avatar as well as other accessories when they choose to.

Top 25 Best Metaverse Games 2022

Decentraland (MANA)

MANA coin is another cryptocurrency that has cracked recently. MANA Coin is another cryptocurrency that has seen massive growth recently and reached record-setting levels. Decentraland is the world’s first decentralized system. It’s similar to The Sandbox game, where you can create, play, build, explore, etc.

To start playing Decentraland all you need is a digital currency such as Metamask as well as your favorite web browser. Then, you can start exploring the universe of Decentraland and start participating in events and interactions with other players.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity was released in 2018, but it has gained popularity since then. Players are making huge amounts of money from the game and this is a mainstay in the NFT gaming business.

Axie was an inspiration from Infinity Pokemon. It contains creatures called “Axies” that can be used to fight other Axies. The game currently has over $8.5 billion in market value, the highest among other Metaverse games. It is currently the highest and most popular Metaverse game and the developers have plans to improve the game.

The Sandbox Game (SAND)

Sandbox is a community-driven platform that lets you play, design, and own virtual lands. Similar to any other sandbox-type game, you’re able to do everything you want to do with a sandbox game, as long as you own the land.

You can even create your NFT avatar to explore the lands of other players. The style and feel of the game are a lot like Minecraft due to the block-like texture.

It is currently in a testing phase in the alpha phase and is tied to well-known brands such as Atari, Care Bears, The Smurfs, Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, and Adidas. Sandbox Games’ partnerships with these brands have helped ensure that it remains one of the top Metaverse gaming experiences to try and keep an eye on shortly.

Mobox (MBOX)

Mobox is a free-to-play game that lets you earn rewards just by participating in the game. It blends games and DeFi to create an ecosystem in which people can gather and take in the same world.

MOBOX is a cross-platform gaming metaverse that blends automated and optimized Defi yield farming with playing NFTs to build the GameFi Metaverse.

They are growing every day and include features such as NFT farms, markets as well as a variety of games and more to be added shortly. This includes exclusive Momo avatars as well as Momo NFTs. There’s also a physical blind box that you can scan the QR code to take into the digital realm.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas is a unique space exploration game in which you’re able to join one of three different factions. This is the first Metaverse game built using the Solana blockchain.

Although it is still evolving; it is already one of the most popular Metaverse games available on the Solana blockchain. Star Atlas also offers a unique multiplayer experience, which means you can explore the galaxy with your friends.

 Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium is an open-world RPG game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows players to explore the vast world of Illuvium as well as capture beautiful creatures known as “Illuvials”. Although the game isn’t out yet, it already has over a billion dollars in market capitalization and is one of the top Metaverse games available right now.

The developers have shared videos of the actual gaming experience, and to date, the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. It is amazingly designed with a vivid world and offers smooth gameplay.

UFO Gaming (UFO)

UFO Gaming is another Metaverse project you need to watch this year. It is a Metaverse system where each planet is a game. Each of their games is designed to follow the earn and play model.

It is a pay-to-win game that includes in-game quests, tournaments, as well as PVP fight modes. It also includes a breeding and trading system that includes an NFT marketplace for items, weapons, and characters. In the future, this game will be expanded through UFO Gaming.

Vulcan Forged (PYR)

Vulcan Forged is another collection of games that is part of the Metaverse. The current collection includes four games that can be played called Vulcan Versus, Berserk, Forge Arena, Vulcan Chess, and Blockbabies. There are four more games in the pipeline including Block Babies, Codle Pets, Geocats, and Agora.

Each game comes with its different gameplay and NFTs that you can use or trade in the market. Vulkan Forged is currently the fastest-expanding blockchain game and app platform for developers in the world.

Polkacity (POLC)

Like most of the games listed, Polluxe is 3D and AR integrated platformer. It is also the initial 3D as well as AR NFT platform and game that supports multiple blockchains.

Polkacity is compatible with both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains and includes a bridge that allows you to transfer Polkacity on the Ethereum chain to its Binance chain. The game’s creator calls it the GTA of crypto and has a lucrative metaverse plan for 2022.

Revomon (REVO)

Revomon is a game similar in concept to Axie Infinity, where you can breed, combat, trade, and breed various creatures known as revomons. The Metaverse game gives you a fully immersive VR experience that lets you explore a virtual world inhabited by different revomons.

This is a game where you play to earn money that lets you relax while earning crypto. Beta versions are available and can be downloaded from their website.

StarMon (SMON)

StarMon is yet another 3D NFT play-to-earn game featuring a variety of creatures with abilities. It lets you fight with different trainers in Andres Land, going through Adventure Mode to earn special rewards, as well as breeding multiple Starmons to start a collection of your choice. In addition to special Starmon creatures, you can buy Starmon Lands and create unique Starmon NFT avatars.

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Blocktopia was built using the Polygon blockchain. It aims to provide the most unique VR experience for members of the cryptocurrency community. Imagine Blocktopia as a high-rise that serves as a central point for all your crypto-related experiences.

Through Blocktopia you can earn cash by playing games and selling real estate, advertising, and much more.

You can relax, chat with your friends and play games with other gamers through Bloktopia. This is not just a simple game; this is a brand new experience that is available in VR.

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC)

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a game based on Pokémon Go that allows players to hunt and fight creatures on the blockchain. It is the first NFT game to run entirely on the blockchain and the first to run on multiple blockchains.

It’s based on the same rules that most Pokémon-inspired games follow. It’s a hunter-based game where you capture various creatures and use them to fight with other players. It is a free to play and earn game that lets players start without capital, and play on different types of blockchains.

SolChicks (CHICKS)

SolChicks is ​​an exciting fantasy game developed on the Solana blockchain. It is currently the most popular fantasy game available on Solana. It has over 500K members in the community, despite the fact that the token is not yet publicly available. It could be the most popular Metaverse on the Solana network if it maintains its impressive debut.

Ember Sword (EMBER)

It has a fast-paced combat system with unique classes and abilities. Like most MMORPGs, Ember Sword also has PvE and PvP modes. One of the best things to note about Ember Sword is that it is available for free and playable through the browser or through the Ember Sword client that they developed.

It is in its early process of development and is in pre-alpha. The developers plan to open beta testing to the public in 2022. Currently, they are working on fixing the gameplay components of the game.


The most famous Metaverse game sheds light on the issue of integration between cultures. It provides an online social platform for the users to display their ideas. Roblox allows you to create your virtual world and communicate with millions of other players.

It also allows you to earn money if a user buys something related to the game from you. Roblox is an online game in which players can design their virtual worlds, games, and many other experiences.


It is one of the most played metaverse games. This is in the form of a massive storm that has killed 98 percent of the Earth’s population, leaving the survivors in a rage of zombies.

This is a Battle Royale-themed video game that was developed and published through Epic Games. The game is free to download on iOS, Android, personal computers as well as Xbox One. The game came out on July 25 and has become the most played video game worldwide with over 200 million gamers every month.


Minecraft is a sandbox-based game that takes place in an open space. Minecraft is also a famous metaverse game. The game allows players to create their worlds in virtual reality. Minecraft offers two game modes, including Survival and Creative.

Users of Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft can play with each other in multiplayer mode as they are part of the metaverse. Minecraft is a completely different game with its own set of rules and goals.


Acknoledger is an NFT metaverse gaming project with a chance to become one of the top metaverse games in 2022. Acknoledger supports a variety of metaverses such as the Ax Infinity Sandbox as well as others. What makes this game different? Since it allows users to market digital goods in the metaverse and games, it is expected to be extremely popular.

Crucible Network

This potential NFT metaverse gaming project is also able to make it onto our list of the most popular metaverse games to be played in 2022. To develop on NFT’s Crucible network, you don’t need any knowledge to code.


Populous will also serve as the NFT Metaverse project that will launch the next generation of games with elements of NFTs such as Play to Earn and other innovative game mechanics.


This VR sandbox lets users create a virtual environment where they can engage and interact in video games. It also lets you create an NFT metaverse, which is like a video game in a variety of ways. Netvrk is also an online social network that connects people from all over the world.

Meta Spatial Game

In the discussion of the top Metaverse games to be played in 2022, this potential Metaverse game should be included. It will give an equally realistic experience to the players. By using AR or VR to help make the creation of different settings more efficient.


Mintbase offers an NFT utility engine that also acts as an online platform. Users can create their marketplace, as well as create and offer NFTs in the form of tickets, music, and art. If you are making NFTs and Virtual Reality (Virtual Virtual Reality) applications are possible. The platform allows NFT auctions, stores, and an attractive royalty rewards scheme. All of this is made possible by the NEAR blockchain’s ability to scale. 

NEAR Lands

NEAR Lands is decentralized blockchain-based 2D multiplayer gaming. The game’s developers are creating an open-world pixelated game that’s more about the community than the gameplay. The game is built on NEAR’s quick and user-friendly cinematography protocol.

NEAR Lands players can create their characters and objects, interact with friends and even interact with other players in the virtual world. Players are free to explore the world of the Near Lands and experience a fascinating and engaging online world.



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