Advantages and disadvantages of 5G
Advantages and disadvantages of 5G
5G Technology

The next generation of wireless technology, the fifth generation of wireless technology is more advanced and faster than the 4G or fourth generation.

It is an improved version of the 4G network. It has various advancements such as connecting to many devices altogether, providing high speed, allowing fast browsing.

Particularly no single company is responsible for the creation of 5th generation internet network technology. Many companies came together and worked for the betterment of the society. But Qualcomm had played a major role in backing the technology industry and inventing 5G, a better experience.


“To understand better, digging the matter.” In the 1980s, 1 G was the technology to allow voice calls. Then in the 1990s came 2 G or the second generation wireless technology which allowed text messages, and digital voice calls.

After, in the 2000s came 3 G or the third generation wireless technology which introduced the Smart phones. After that, 4G was introduced in the 2010s and became the fastest mobile network broadifying the ranges. And finally came 5G in the 2020s.

The 5th generation network technology is designed to provide higher speed and greater capacity as compared to 4G networks. It is a cellular network technology which will provide an added experience to its users. It is slowly overpowering 4G networks all over the world.

But every invention comes with its benefits and disadvantages. Before actually practicing and applying things one must know about it well.


“5G isn’t just another tech innovation; it’s the platform that makes other innovations possible.”- Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO, Verizon.

High Capacity

Being a stronger network than 4G, 5G holds to provide 100 times more capacity. It helps to access the internet with extreme efficiency.  It can connect a large number of devices at the same time without affecting the speed of one another. This network will give real time experience to its customers in no time. It will hence help in the improvement of smart cities and electric vehicles as well.

Decreased Latency

The gap between the order given by the users and the action taken by the device under preferred technology is called latency. 5G is promising 10 times lower latency than 4G. It will be able to do actions in the blink of an eye. By having this efficiency, it allows the companies to perform various tedious tasks easily.

Controlling logistics, remote transport system, machine supervision in industrial plants are some tasks which will be carried out under 5G without the need of drivers and guides.

Fastest Speed

Fifth generation internet works faster than the fourth generation internet. The speed transmission will be increased to 15 or 20 gbps enabling companies and organizations to use this network for services such as web conferencing. According to a survey done recently it is stated that consumers save around 23 hours per day in the downloading process who are using 5G network technology.

Low Tower Congestion

Previous internet networks faced a lot of tower congestion which resulted in problems and irregularities in accessing and performing the work. However 5th generation technology has more bandwidth and increased speed allowing the customers to avoid such congestion and give better results.

Increased Bandwidth

Earlier transferring data and heavy files through the 4G network were difficult and inefficient. While 5G on the other hand has increased bandwidth which allows the transfer of data relatively faster. 5th generation network goes complaint free for phone users for this use.

Advantages and disadvantages of 5G


Threat to Wildlife

High frequency electromagnetic waves emitted from the 5th generation network technology is harmful for animals and birds. An Indian movie Robot 2 was based on the team of internet technology harming the environment and nature through its waves and frequency.

Restricted Global Coverage

5G networks have successfully been established in smart cities and developed areas and have increased the gap between remote areas and developed areas. Providing limited global coverage remote areas may not enjoy the 5G network technology. Only cities enjoy the 5G technology network because they have established and supported infrastructure where it will cost too high to remote areas because the suitable infrastructure had to be set up.

Low Upload Speed

5G network technology may ensure high speed in downloading but usually lacks in the upload speed. Upload speed is not over 100 mbps of 5G which is the same as 4th generation network technology.

Device Development

Once a network is updated to 5G, device development is also required to support the network. Fractures and designers need to invest themselves in creating batteries and power back up to support the network. Users of 5th generation network technology are facing huge battery drain which is reducing the lifespan of their mobile phones. Also they experience more heat emitted through their phones while using 5G.

Cyber Security

As the 5G network uses different types of software and has expanded bandwidth, it makes it more prone to cyber crime and vulnerable attacks. The criminals can easily steal the data because of the loopholes created with bandwidth expansion. It can be easily connected with more than one device so the chance of getting attacked by a hacker. These are making the fifth generation network technology less secure and reliable for companies and big businesses to protect their data.

Decreased Broadcast Distance

Tall buildings and trees can block the frequency of 5th generation network technology. Even though the speed of the 5D network is faster, 4G can still hold a candle to the 5G network speed. This to make it efficient may require more towers for enhanced coverage and time to time maintenance of the same. Extreme weather conditions such as rainy weather can be a problem to the 5G network which may be functioning in the weather.

A new technology comes with newer hopes and experiences. The Internet is a widely required necessity in the lives of people in today’s world. From healthcare to education everything is dependent on the internet. Be it government offices or a plant nursery, records and information are examined online. Though being a necessity we must not let our guard down. This can be equally evil as much as it seems useful.


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